Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Call For Submissions

Hello sub-scribe readers and submitters! We are currently accepting submissions for the Spring 2010 issue of sub-scribe Magazine.

"Bad Timing"
This issue's theme is Bad Timing. As with any of our themes, you are free to interpret "Bad Timing" however you like.

If only… the engine had started, you hadn't opened that door, you hadn't waited so long, you'd asked for that number, if you hadn't had to do it all yourself, hadn't missed that train, hadn't thrown off the symphony by missing that note. If things had coincided to your calculations, your big moment / day / life wouldn't feel like such a misdelivered punch line. If you could somehow master time or make it go away… it still wouldn't be your friend.

How to Submit
To submit to sub-scribe, please send a new e-mail to with a picture of you (or one that represents you), a short biography in plain text, and your work attached by March 1st.

Please categorize your work and put one of the following words in the subject line of your e-mail:
Fiction, Prose, Poetry, Politics, Memoir, Music, Visual, or Other
* Please change the subject line to the appropriate category if you reply to this message.

Submission Guidelines
Visual: Submit your best quality photo or image. We accept any file format, but prefer high resolution and lossless formats.
Audio: We accept any file format, but prefer MP3's. Files will be converted to a 128Kbps MP3 for our website.
Written: No hard limit on word count. We accept only DOC and PDF formats. Files will be uploaded on our Scribd account to preserve the formatting of your work when embedded on our website.