Tuesday, May 5, 2009

About Us

sub-scribe Magazine is a bi-annual arts periodical produced by the Student Academic Services Center (SASC), a diverse learning community at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

sub-scribe seeks to publish the works of our community, in the broadest sense, and in as many forms and genres as our contributors can dream up including visual, sound, writing and the other arts. This is a place where minds are expressed and voiced.

We publish our magazine electronically via our website, sub-scribe.org, accessible from anyone in the world.

Our History

sub-scribe Magazine is a grassroots-organized and student-run publication. It began from an acutely aware group of people who spent enough time attending lectures, reading newspapers, and watching films to wonder: are the same stories repeated over and over? Are the same people telling them? And so the editors began to search out new voices with new ideas and new ways of relaying them.

Our first issue was released in spring of 2006. Each issue of sub-scribe reflects the spirit of the collective involved in its production.

    Some facts about our magazine:
  • 7 issues
  • 180+ contributors
  • 275+ works selected for publication


There is no cost to submit to our magazine, and we accept submissions from anyone. Our editors ultimately select the pieces that will be published in each issue. Submissions do not necessarily have to match the theme.

We encourage all submitters to attend a launch party, held in parallel to the launch of our electronic publication. The launch party features readings, performances, and showcases of art. Details about our launch party are e-mailed to our submitters in advance.