Friday, October 16, 2009

Call For Submissions - Theme: Recovery

We are currently accepting submissions for our upcoming issue of sub-scribe Magazine.

This issue's theme is Recovery. As with any of our themes, you are free to interpret this however you like. We have extended the submissions deadline to October 31.
We have all recovered from something. Our first spill after taking the training wheels off our bikes, bullshitting our way through an exam we forgot to study for, finally getting your hands around the ball after a serious fumble.

Most of us as we grow older have recovered from more serious life-events: heartbreak, depression, loss, death, addiction, discrimination, violence, illness...

But after we are knocked on our asses by our glaring fragility as humans, we come face-to-face with that mysterious invisible something that makes us pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and Recover.

Again and again and again.
Click here to view a larger "Call for Submissions" flyer.

If you would like to submit to sub-scribe Magazine, please e-mail us at with your piece(s) attached. Please observe the Submission Guidelines at the end of this post.

Recovery Launch Party
We will be launching the Recovery magazine issue on November 19th at Burnt Toast (1235 Pennsylvania Ave, Boulder, CO). Time TBD (check for the latest). Free food and beverages will be provided by Burnt Toast. Recovering alcoholics: Don't worry, alcohol will not be served. :-)

If you would like to elaborate on, recite, or perform your work at the launch party, please e-mail us so we can schedule you in.

Submission Guidelines
Visual: Show off your work in the best possible quality by sending us a high resolution, high DPI, and lossless file of your piece. We can work with any file format. Files will be converted to a high quality JPEG for the web.

Audio: Make sure to record your audio piece as professionally as you can so there is little to no background noise. We can take any file format, but prefer .mp3's. Files will be converted to a high quality MP3 for the web.

Written: Format your paper as cleanly and as readable as possible. Set fonts, margins, and other properties. We can take .doc and .pdf formats. Files will be uploaded on our Scribd account to preserve the formatting on our website as an embedded object.

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